ISIS4D is an association of laboratories which aims to develop in situ studies of materials and fluids under complex loadings in controlled environments using both a multidisciplinary X-ray imaging platform and complementary measurements methods.


The study of functional materials with driven microstructure, structural materials under severe environment or even biological materials requires the knowledge of their microstructures and its evolution during real complex use. Although X-ray microtomography allows following such evolutions in volume, only a few in situ tests are available due to restricted access to the technique.

The partners expertise in innovative test devices design provides tools for the development of in situ set-ups both compatible with X-ray micromotomography and « extreme » environmental conditions. Complementary characterization methods such as Digital Image Correlation (either 2D or 3D), infrared thermography, physical and chemical analysis may then be used in order to extract fundamental information further implemented in multiscale and multiphysics based modeling.

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